Writer, zen nihilist, queen of dogs. [Polygon – Guardian – Vice – Eurogamer – RPS – MCV’s Top 100 Women In Games, 30 Under 30]. 

Emily Gera is a video game writer specialising in virtual worlds, AI interaction and narrative development in RPGs. She is a graduate of Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada with BAs in English and Communications. She studied narrative structure and creative writing under authors Annabel Lyon and Nancy Lee at the University of British Columbia, and is currently undertaking a cognitive science degree at SFU in relation to AI, neural networks and storytelling in simulated spaces.

In 2008 Emily left Canada with her dog Zoltan and traveled to England, where she wrote about video games and digital culture for Eurogamer, The Guardian, Edge Magazine, Rock Paper Shotgun, PC Gamer, Kotaku and others. In 2010 she became staff writer for VideoGamer.com, leading the site’s coverage of MMOs and eSports. Emily helped in the launch of Vox Media’s video games arm, becoming Senior UK Reporter for Polygon in 2012. In 2013, MCV named Emily one of the top 100 women in games and listed her in its 30 under 30. She was also nominated for the Games Journalism Award in recognition of journalism and reporting in the games industry.

Emily was featured on the 2015 season of Videogame Nation, a magazine-style TV show produced by GinxTV in London. You can hear her talk about games stuff on BBC Radio 5, the Vice Gaming podcast and One Life Left too.

Since 2016 she has worked with consultancy group Hit Detection, providing feedback to studios on games you’ve probably played. If you are a game developer interested in information on individual consultation you can contact Emily at:


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